With thanks to all the other ukulele groups around the world who share their songbooks, and with special thanks to Jim Carey for providing a fantastic ukulele songbook resource at https://ozbcoz.com/songbooks/

HUG Songbook 2024

R1 V2 30/04/24

HUG Songbook Review Release 4 Rev 1 22-08-2023

Gig Playlists A and B 14/05/2024

Jackie January 4th 2024

100 of Terry's Beatles Songs V1 Oct 2023

Headcorn May Fair May 6th 2024

HUG Songbook 2024

R1 V1 04/04/24 (Uncompressed)

Terry's 100 Plus Beatles Ukulele Songbook March 2024

HUG Songbook Formatting Guide

Chris James

Songbook 1

Burns Night

Kings Lodge Maidstone Thursday 25th January 2024 16:00

HUG Beginners Workshop 2024 08/02/2024


Wartime Songbook

HUG Wednesday Songbook 1

HUG Wednesday Songbook 2